ANIMA - Brussels Animation Film Festival

A N I M A - Brussels Animation Film Festival

The site and 2010 program is currently under construction, but there is enough information for those of you who might be in Brussels at time.

DVD compilations featuring "the best of" is available per year of the festival at the link below.

Bernard De Clerck BOOK by Beta-Publishing

Belgian house "Beta-Publishing" is coming out with 3 new titles this September. As always, you can buy them blindly and know you will own yet another stunning and inspirational volume on design & architecture ...

One of these titles is dedicated to Belgian architect Bernard De Clerck. His designs testify to a great respect and appreciation for Belgium's rich architectural heritage: both in his new construction projects and his numerous renovations. This ambassador of “Flemish Living” argues for the return of traditional values in a contemporary context - in which the comfort of living is central. Traditional craftsmanship, a historical approach, an exciting mix of old and new, and a passion for weathered materials and details ... these are all characteristics represented in Bernard De Clerck architectural “story”.

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Hotel Julien, Antwerp

What a shock when I stumbled on these images from this 11 room gem-of-a-hotel, in Antwerp! Chic, elegant, charming, warm, cosy and beautiful ... what else could you ask for? Check it out!

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"Ledder No.1' by CasimirMeubelen

CasimirMeubelen is a Belgian manufacturer founded in 1995 by Casimir, one of the most important Belgian contemporary designers. The whole collection is designed by him, which gives the company a very strong profile and recognition value.

Almost all of the pieces are made of natural materials such as solid wood and leather and stand out by their simplicity, shapes and craftsmanship.

‘Ledder no1′ combines the function of a portable set of steps with the function of a storage unit. The ladder’s rungs have been transformed into book cases and shelves of unequal sizes. By placing these storage units on the back of the ladder, the ladder leans against the wall with even greater stability.’

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Koen Demuynck

Just thought this was an interesting piece ... by Belgian Artist Koen Demuynck. Sometimes, liking just one piece is enough ...

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Jos Devriendt - The end of the vase

Jos Devriendt is a Belgian potter/artist who designs and creates ceramic vases (amongst other things). His exhibition "The end of the vase" was a survey of his twenty year quest for design, aesthetics and symbolism. And his remarkable analysis of this search was his decision to leave the flowers where they are; in nature. Or, how an ending can be something hopeful.

More of his work can be seen at the Matin Gallery, a stunning Los Angeles Gallery specializing in minimalist ceramic and furniture designed and created by artists.

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House conversion in Bruges

51N4E architects, converted and old shop into a contemporary weekend home in the old center of Bruges, in Belgium! The facade and the assets of the old house were kept intact. In the back, the architects designed a wooden organic room. The double- height space is entirely covered in timber planks, start of as an arch which gradually lifts asymmetrically towards the back, framing the tall trees of a the neighbors garden. Interesting about the interior is the contrast between the old stair and the shiny super furniture that is new designed. The confrontation between the historical and contemporary is what makes this project so special. More pictures can be downloaded here!

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Billykirk Shoulder Bag

It’s too bad that so many of the bags we like are either military or close to military, but we just find the leather goods of wartime beautiful by virtue of their stripped-down functionality, simplicity and complete lack of pointless, purely decorative features. This ridiculously beautiful bag is the No. 95 Shoulder Satchel by Billykirk and it’s a fairly faithful copy of a WWII Belgian military map case. It’s entirely handmade and the company even casts its own sturdy white brass hardware. Why can’t more civilian bags be like this – free of bling, glitz, chacha, weird anatomical looking folds, pointless, slouchy, ruched wrinkledness, and dopey hardware? We don’t understand the bags being churned out by the big couture houses at the moment. This Billykirk bag is quite transcendent, too.

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