The Home Project

Following the previous post ... from the people who brought you (M)eating .... is the actual store (The Home Project) where you can get all the incredible furniture and objects you see in these pictures. Clean, modern, yet warm and cozy Belgian style 101 ... in an old industrial building, not too far from Antwerp.

(M)eating - meeting & eating

What if you had to organize corporate meetings in an environment that was conducing to creativity and inspiration? What if you needed practicality, comfort, discretion, and good food? What if that was done in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with delicious food? And what if you could buy the objects and furniture as well? Well .... in a refurbished industrial building not too far from Antwerp, you can do it all ... welcome to (M)eating - a spin off of The Home Project (see upcoming post) ...

At this time, all is organized in Flemish (so is the site) .... hopefully, the English version will happen soon!!!

For more information, contact info, etc ...