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z33 - Gallery

Check out this very cool gallery ... http://www.z33.be/en. The exhibitions (past & present) should speak for themselves.

Z33 is a house for contemporary art.

Through projects and exhibitions Z33 makes the visitors look at everyday life in a new way. Artists confront visitors with impressions and experiences that encourages them to look differently at everyday aspects from the lives of every person.

Z33 is an initiative of the government of the Belgian region Limburg and it is situated closely to Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

Z33 is a unique laboratory and meetingplace for experiment and innovation. As a house for contemporary art, Z33 is a driving force for its region.

Z33 wants to draw the world to Limburg and show Limburg to the world

Zuivelmarkt 33
B-3500 Hasselt
t +32 (0)11 29 59 60

Frederic Geurts

Aluminum Plane by Frederic Geurts

Aluminum Plane by Frederic Geurts

Aluminum Plane by Frederic Geurts

The Aluminum Plane by Frederic Geurts is gigantic. It measures 17,5 meter by 4 meters and the sheet is 3 mm thick. Frederic only had a paper scale model before he folded this on location. It’s part of his (un)balanced exhibition at z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.

BRIDGE by Michael Cross

‘Bridge’ by Michael Cross at Z33.

The Bridge is a series of steps which rise up out of the water in front of you as you walk from one to the next, and then disappear back underneath behind you as you go, leaving you stranded with only one step visible in front of you, and one behind. The bridge ends in the middle of the water, where you find yourself totally isolated and cut off from the shore. You return the way you came. The mixed feelings of peace, isolation, relaxation and fear that the piece elicits are powerful. The project is on-going will ultimately lead to a permanent installation in a lake.

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How do you sell your house? Indeed, you make a website for it. NR53 isn’t your average house, it’s the house of Sietze Kalkwijk, a dutch designer, in Antwerp Belgium. Actually I posted his black radiator lamp before.

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Hunting & Collecting ... leather

Loving these very simple leather versions of some of the most standard paper products ... from Brussels-based store Hunting & Collecting.

Hunting & Gathering in Brussels ...

Hunting and Collecting in Brussels is the work of former fashion editor Aude Gribomont and event producer Niels Radkte, who have pooled their creative talents and love of fashion, art, and design in the creation of this concept store. Blurring the line between art gallery and store, Gribomont and Radkte feature a heady mix of rotating artists in a nod to our global, nomadic culture. Their Online Store is equally innovative.

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HGTV is looking for one more house in Brussels ...

Are you or someone you know an American living in BRUSSELS, Belgium?

Then HGTV is looking for you!

Home & Garden Television (HGTV) is launching a new series that will feature the stunning home properties of American expats Living abroad and we’re currently looking for fun, outgoing, enthusiastic homeowners in Brussels RIGHT NOW!

In each episode, the host will explore four homes looking for great design ideas and highlighting the value-added elements within each space. From interior design to the lifestyle and culture of the area, the homeowners will give viewers a first hand look of what it’s like to live overseas. This will be one of the most artistically shot programs on the network so don’t wait to be a part of this amazing opportunity!

If you’re interested in applying, please contact our casting producer immediately and email photos of you and your property to:

Thank you!!
Sami Hartman