Japanese Influence - Belgian Style


East meets West at an entrepreneur’s historic estate in the Belgian countryside, with interior design by Axel Vervoordt and grounds by landscape firm Wirtz International. Via Architectural Digest.

Growing up in Belgium (in my early years) and being exposed to the work of both Axel Vervoordt and Jacques Wirtz on a regular basis, I never realized the impact it would have on me as an adult, and how staying in beautiful places designed by these two men had profoundly influenced my sense of style. Any time I see the work of Jacques Wirtz - for example - the open and minimal landscapes bring me back to the summers spent in my grandmother's garden amongst others.  I just love the pictures because I read images better than I read text, but you can read the whole article here.

Photography by Jean-Pierre Gabriel



Ann Van Hoey Ceramics - Social Clay


Ann is a Belgian ceramic artist who transforms clay into highly modern pieces while still retaining the raw and simple aspect of this humble material. This series has a deep message but also tons of humor!

"As ceramist we practice one of the oldest professions in the world, yet we live in a fast changing society in which technology controls our daily lives.

Nowadays the existence of smart phones and tablets allows that the digital world and its social media to intrude upon the inventive live of the artisan. It is a challenge to integrate the modern, very fast, technological lifestyle into the slow, meticulous craft of ceramics. I made a series of work, attempting to reconcile the two worlds."

This post via Ann's website