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Boulevard Leopold Bed & Breakfast

Going to Antwerp? In such a stylish city so full of life, creative stores and delicious restaurants - why not stay in a stunning Bed & Breakfast such as Boulevard Leopold. Situated in a 19th Century house, located in the old Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp, this charming location was renovated with flair, warmth and typical Belgian minimal elegance. They do not accept credit cards so bring cash or organize a bank transfer before you go - other than that little hiccup for international travelers, if you can get over that, check them out!

LE COUP DE COEUR - Hospitality Redefined

Going to Brussels? Instead of going to a traditional hotel, try renting an apartment or a guest room in the heart of the city, in a private 19th century house - completely renovated in 2009 - LE COUP DE CŒUR welcomes you in its guest rooms of charm. Affordable luxury is at your fingertips ... With various possibilities, it is best to check their website for pricing, pictures and locations.