Chauncey - menswear

Chauncey, a Brussels-based menswear label is the idea of designer Nathalie Bouhana and her photographer partner David Sdika.

Having previously designed knitwear for Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo and Anne Valérie Hash, Nathalie has an eye for luxury knits.

Creative, minimalist but exclusive, Chauncey prides itself on European craftsmanship. No eccentricity, but modern design. Extreme precision and the highest quality yarns and manufacturers. An "elegant gentleman traveler" look with a slice of Belgian surrealism.

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BELGIUM - the movie

"Belgium, the movie" is the first film in HD about Belgium. It shows the most important and most beautiful places of this little known country. The stability of the images is amazing and the shots, which were taken over a period of 8 months, are filmed in the best circumstances. We take the viewer for a journey through time. This film has been filmed entirely from a helicopter with a High-Definition (HD) Cineflex camera.

The film is available on DVD in three languages (English/Dutch/French).

Martin Margiela Book

"Graduating from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980s, Martin Margiela (and his contemporaries in the Antwerp Six) transformed global fashion with his aggressive restatement of traditional fashion design and a polemical approach to luxury trends. Working first with the house of Gaultier, Margiela absorbed the radical design of Japanese deconstruction, making it wholly his own with the founding of his own label in 1988. Margiela propounds a singular, enigmatic look, moving beyond the recognizable tropes of deconstruction—a monochromatic palette, out-sized garments, non-traditional fabrics, exposed seams, or roughly appliqué-d details—to develop a fully considered worldview, one with elegance, mystery, and menace in equal measure. This book provides an inside look at the design process from a craftsman who creates pieces prized for their originality, delicacy, and daring. In the spirit of Margiela’s garments, the book is a work of art in itself, designed exclusively by Margiela and complete with silver inks, ribbon markers, a variety of lush paper types, twelve booklets, and an embroidered white-linen cover. This book provides a window onto the intimate, handmade world of a unique designer."

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Paper Fashion @ the Antwerp Mode Museum

Expensive fabrics are dismissed from the Haute Couture and Designer outfits made from paper that were on display at the Belgian Fashion Museum. Pieces included in the show were detailed Chanel couture, Issey Miyake and Anna Piaggi, among st others. Above are just a few examples of this past exhibit ...
The artsy space also welcomed collections of books, magazines and records, everything fashion related, as well as two exhibits per year.

Mode Museum
Nationalestraat 28
Antwerp, Belgium 2000
phone: +32 3 470 2770

Garnier Antiques - 100% Belgian Style

You wanted Belgian Style? So here it is ... pure 100% undiluted Belgian style! This is the property of antique dealers and interior designers Brigitte and Alain Garnier. I stumbled upon their stunning place on the blog Belgian Pearls where you can go to see more pictures of the interior ... If this doesn't make you drool, I don't know what will! It's nice to be Belgian sometimes ... just don't tell the French.

The placement of objects

I always remember how my grandmother used to cluster objects together to create beauty and warmth ... above are just a few pictures taken from the very cool (warm) blog