Fucking Perfect

Official Trailer Sergio Herman, FUCKING PERFECT from TRUEWORKS on Vimeo.

Sergio Herman, chef of 3 Michelin star Oud Sluis decided to close the restaurant last year to follow his dreams. In March, a documentary Fucking Perfect will be screened for the first time at the International Film Festival of Berlin. The film is included in the Culinary Cinema programme with others including a documentary on Italian chef Massimo Bottura.

The documentary shows the pressures of a 3 Michelin star kitchen and the chef’s search of perfection. It  is a story of ambition, perfection and sacrifices.

In the trailer, you can see why Sergio Herman decided to close Oud Sluis. He says: “And then you are not kind, you are not the father you should be or the friend or the husband you know.”
The visuals of the film are stunning.

The documentary also shows the preparations for the opening of The Jane which Herman opened together with chef Nick Bril in Antwerp. In November, the restaurant, which has become incredibly popular since its opening, earned its first Michelin star.

Story by Ivan Brincat via http://www.foodandwinegazette.com/?p=2617

Just because this came out a year ago doesn't mean it's "old" news if you are just discovering this now!  This documentary is a powerful story of ambition, creativity, perfectionism, pressures of success, self doubt and re-questioning what is important and the price(s) we are willing to pay for our dreams.  Chef Sergio Herman is Dutch, not Belgian. But he came on board to open THE JANE in Antwerp ... which we blogged about here ... highly recommended!


Old-fashioned light switches

Have you ever been moved by the beauty and simplicity of old-fashioned European light switches? Well, for those lucky enough to reside in Europe, you can have access to those little practical gems. This Belgian-based company specializes is classic yet timeless lighting. You can see a multitude of stylish hospitality and retail design projects on their website.

March 22, 2016

I am Charlie.

I am Brussels.

I am Syria.

I am Lebanon.

I am Istanbul, Ankara, Somalia, 

Tunisia, Jakarta, Kenya, 

Nigeria, Mali, 

Mexico, Honduras ...

I am ... planet earth!


To ALL who lost a close one
no matter the circumstance
our thoughts are with you!

Love & Light