Axel Vervoordt - Gallery

"In the Vlaeykensgang, located in the city center of Antwerp, Axel Vervoordt has opened a new exhibition space. The focus will be on ZERO and GUTAI art, an international movement of the sixties, who sought harmony between man, nature and technology in which light played a dominant role."

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Tour & Taxi - an exceptional space

Tour & Taxis is a unique place in Brussels. Located right in the heart of the Belgian capital, this site, with its exceptional architecture, brings together occupants with widely differing ambitions, outstanding events, delicious restaurants, services, and is truly a city project with benefits for the entire district. Managed by Project T&T (joint venture between 3 real estate companies, Extensa, Royal Properties Group and IRET), Tour & Taxis allows you to immerse yourself in an urban experience brimming with history and charm. Imagine shops, restaurants, galleries, private offices, spaces for music events, artistic events, performance halls, clubbing, etc ... if you can imagine it, they have done it! Talk about living architecture and creativity!

Above are just a few photos of the original site before its transformation. For a gallery tour of the renovated building - click here.

Brussels Antiques & Fines Art Fair 2011

Brussels Antiques & Fines Art Fair (BRAFA) will open its doors in Brussels January 21 - 30, 2011. This year's exhibition will be taking place in the heart of Brussels' recently renovated Tours & Taxi Building. BRAFA is considered one of the most important and inspirational Fine Arts & Antiques Fairs in the world.

Olivier Theyskens - On the other side of the picture

"While we wait to see where Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens next ends up, we can linger over the beautiful pictures of his work in Assouline’s Olivier Theyskens, The Other Side of the Picture, plus ponder more news from the Belgian fashion world.

Going against conventions, Olivier Theyskens dropped out of La Cambre when he was twenty years old, only to start a business in his own, unique way. His gothic creations took the fashion industry by storm, and Theyskens quickly became an icon.

In 2002, he decided to shut down his own line in favour of stints at Rochas and Nina Ricci, respectively. The latter didn’t prolong his contract last year, and fashion lovers are still holding their breath to see where he will end up next.

In the meantime, we can linger over the beautiful pictures of his work in Assouline’s Olivier Theyskens, The Other Side of the Picture, set to be released this spring by Assouline"

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Below is one of my favorite pieces from the New York exhibition "L'air du temps" which took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ... designed of course by Olivier Theyskens.

This book is available at the Austere Chic Store @ Amazon.

Giant Wooden Clip by Mehmet Ali Uysal

This giant wooden clip is currently being showcased in Belgium, in the Chaudfontaine park as part of a contemporary art exhibition. Designed by Mehmet Ali Uysal, the unusual park addition replicates the clip, a common smart tool used to hang clothes.

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