Tour & Taxi - an exceptional space

Tour & Taxis is a unique place in Brussels. Located right in the heart of the Belgian capital, this site, with its exceptional architecture, brings together occupants with widely differing ambitions, outstanding events, delicious restaurants, services, and is truly a city project with benefits for the entire district. Managed by Project T&T (joint venture between 3 real estate companies, Extensa, Royal Properties Group and IRET), Tour & Taxis allows you to immerse yourself in an urban experience brimming with history and charm. Imagine shops, restaurants, galleries, private offices, spaces for music events, artistic events, performance halls, clubbing, etc ... if you can imagine it, they have done it! Talk about living architecture and creativity!

Above are just a few photos of the original site before its transformation. For a gallery tour of the renovated building - click here.

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