Julie Krakowski

Julie Krakowski is a Brussels-based French textile designer who gets inspired by marks left by time. She is an artist I discovered through a very cool blog called "2 or 3 things I know". Her work mimics various textures such as flowers, rusted metals, cigarettes, etc. Though I wouldn't want to actually wear any of these textiles, on a visual and photo-graphic plane, I find her work and these images to be very mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

"Work based on the marks left by time. Graphic work on the unpredictable and uncontrolled creation of rust on paper. Examination of the confrontation rust and preciousness. The rust embodies the notion of change, wear and tear, the staining effect, dirt and the fact that one is repelled by rust, whereas the precious is signified by silk, fashion, the body and attraction. It is an ambiguous play between fashion and trash, change and sublimation."

- Julie Krakowski

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