Ghent apartment

This scheme encompasses the basement and raised ground floor of an existing building on the Korenlei promenade, close to the bridge of Sint-Michielsbrug, in the Belgian city of Ghent. The brief was for a pair of apartments, each able to accommodate seamlessly the dual functions of living environment and office, whilst also offering a sympathetic context for art - collectors of modern and contemporary art and furniture, the clients acquired a series of pieces specifically for the project, in response to the evolving design.

On the lower floor, kitchen, dining, working and living spaces are brought together in a single fluid territory, which also functions as self-contained office, with windows framing a series of views across the water to the old town. Private quarters are located at one end of the floor plan.

The upper floor is arranged to take advantage of the generous ceiling heights and enhanced natural light and aspect. The design refines the existing spatial divisions to create two elegant offices in the heart of the floor plan, framed to one side by open living space and to the other by a second set of private quarters.

One of the defining experiences of the finished spaces is the way in which very simple surfaces and spare volumes frame views of the filigree towers and ornamented gables of the Old Town, these counter-pointed by a series of extended internal vistas.

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