z33 - Gallery

Check out this very cool gallery ... http://www.z33.be/en. The exhibitions (past & present) should speak for themselves.

Z33 is a house for contemporary art.

Through projects and exhibitions Z33 makes the visitors look at everyday life in a new way. Artists confront visitors with impressions and experiences that encourages them to look differently at everyday aspects from the lives of every person.

Z33 is an initiative of the government of the Belgian region Limburg and it is situated closely to Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

Z33 is a unique laboratory and meetingplace for experiment and innovation. As a house for contemporary art, Z33 is a driving force for its region.

Z33 wants to draw the world to Limburg and show Limburg to the world

Zuivelmarkt 33
B-3500 Hasselt
t +32 (0)11 29 59 60

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