D&M : From Clay to Art, Concept to Design

Belgian supplier D&M, a market leader in Europe for all modern pottery and tableware. “From Clay to Art”, “Concept to Design”. The most creative Belgian minds provide a stylish return to the essence of things. Pure materials and natural feels. D&M embraces the power of simplicity.

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Stijn Cornilly Landscape

Stijn Cornilly is a Belgian landscaper, creative in the design and construction of stylish, low maintenance gardens.

An important specialization of our green business is bringing structure and strength in the garden. Boxwood, holly and yew are ideally suited as basic elements for a good garden design. They are a permanent fixture in the garden. A fixed value of remaining strength and decorative green opposite example, the colors of seasonal flowers and plants.” explains Styn Cornilly on his website.

This post via http://belgianpearls.blogspot.com/

The art of displaying objects

Belgians have definitely mastered the art of pairing beautiful objects in such a way that makes each individual piece stand out within all its warm, raw, and minimal beautiful imperfections.

Images from http://belgianpearls.blogspot.com/

Inspirational Spaces

Loving these typical Belgian tones and raw materials ... image taken from the very cool blog http://belgianpearls.blogspot.com/

WildSpirit Furniture

A few favorites designs from Belgian http://www.wildspirit.be/en/

"The goal of Wildspirit is to convert renewing ideas into signature pieces. Its unique character, its multifunctional and the combined use of wood and leather are the soul of the collection. Wildspirit works with external designers like Michael Bihain, Twan Verlinden, Alain Berteau, Axel Enthoven and Erik Jansen. They were selected because of their similar philosophy to Wildspirit: an expedition for intelligent, aesthetic and durable design objects. Out of respect for their creative integrity, Wildspirit gives their designers carte blanche. The Wildspirit designers create their objects with a twist which gives the product a multifunctional goal. For this reason, all the signature pieces of Wildspirit can be integrated easily in multifarious interiors."