Getting Lost In a Steel Maze

Artists Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout van Verenbergh of Gijs Van Vaerenbergh designed a huge maze with five-meter-tall steel corridors at the C-MINE Art Centre in Genk, Belgium. Around a kilometer of pathways of this installation are surrounded by steel panels booleaned to create huge geometric shapes that cut through the entire structure.

Labyrinth comprises tunnels and corridors that unveil unexpected perspectives of large portions of the composition and help visitors better orient themselves. Differently-shaped voids and cut-outs create surprising views of the steel walls that transform the idea of a maze from a structure that focuses on horizontality and corners into a true three-dimensional experience. Parts of the installation are reminiscent of vaulted cathedral ceilings, halls of mirrors and art installations.

Walls reveal other parts of the structure and create a spatially exciting environment. Viewed from certain perspectives, the cut-outs look fragmented, while from other points visitors can see the entire shape. Labyrint also interacts with the C-mine by allowing visitors to ascend the old mine shafts and have a look at the entire structure from above. This perspective is generally reserved for the creator of the project. 

This post by Lidija Grozdanic @ INHABITAT and THE CONTEMPORIST

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