Cafe-Tasse - Chocolates

"Chocolate has been a highlight of our lives ever since we were children. Café-Tasse, with its heritage of fine flavor and its history of top master "chocolatiers", offers us the same joy of chocolate we've loved since our childhood. With many varieties, superior and constant quality and that irresistible "little square", it echoes a tradition redolent of poetry and fine food. Its flavors, hinting at exotic journeys, modernity and traditional recipes highlight the contrast between the pleasures of the past and the present. Its chocolate collections are master-works by artists creating and evolving flavors, like painters whose pigments and techniques are constantly reworked. In all four corners of the world, Café-Tasse continues to dedicate its experience and know-how to fulfill our desires for sensory escapism."

Belgian artisan chocolates Cafe Tasse offer an exquisite line of chocolates and an array of sizes and flavors for all occasions. Check out their site for a peek into their stunning and delicious line of chocolates. Click here to see their new online catalog of products.

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