Raphael Charles - a few favorites

Loving the work of artist & designer Raphael Charles. He works and resides in Brussels. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces ... for more examples of his work; hop on to his stunning minimalist website.

[Above] RUG 2008

20/30 refers to a standard caliber of coal. The idea of a rug imposed itself naturally just like a bag of nuggets strewn on the floor. This surface offers a sensory upheaval by confronting what is commonly known and what is perceived in reality. This intriguing piece borders between design and plastic intervention with a touch of irony while raising essential questions for our future.

Dimensions: diameter: 240cm, thickness: variable
Materials: PE foam and felt.

[Above] Les Cheminees - VASES 2006

The vases are made of 35mm film .Taking advantage of a material resisting to mechanical constraint, the vases are formed in an easy, almost childlike manner. The result each time gives a unique piece depending on the random superposing of the film when stretched. Although handmade, the vase are however, of a quality and finish very close to an industrial production.

Dimensions: S/M/L/XL/XXL from 20 to 40cm
Materials: polyester (35mm film) pu resin

[Above] Light Strate - LIGHT 2005-2006

This wall lamp, looking like a sculpture shows itself off by diffusing a soothing lighting thanks to the layers obtained during its production process : a piece of foam is rolled onto itself, shaped and then rubber-coated.

Materials: polyethylene foam, aluminum, rubber, E 27 60W bulb
Dimensions : 60, 110 et 140 cm.

More at http://www.raphaelcharles.com/

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