Daniel Ost - Floral Artist

Daniel Ost, born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium in 1955, has been one of the world’s most highly regarded ‘florists’ since the 1980s.

The extraordinary creativity of his works justifies his being described as a floral artist. His arrangements consist of flowers, but also leaves, branches and fruits, which interact with the environment, whether a mist-covered pond, a contemporary object or a historic house. Daniel Ost crosses the world from west to east, taking the care to capture permanently on film these unique moments characterizing each of his creations.

Even though Daniel Ost’s gardens are to date seen as all too rare interludes in his work, they have already captured people’s imagination. There has been many publications featuring the best-known of these gardens, which are located in Belgium.

Faced with the ephemeral in his ‘plant expressions’, Daniel Ost establishes through gardens a new relationship with plants and nature, that of a living and evolutionary work. Conceived as a dialogue between architecture and the organic, his gardens do not seek to be an additional offshoot of the buildings or a structuring of the outside area. Right from the design stage, they reflect his intentions: to fit the building and its exterior into their environment by working on the plant species in the immediate vicinity, in the form of plant mannerism.

More at http://www.danielost.be/

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