Ann Demeulemeester in Nomenus Quarterly

Once again, inspired by the stylishly flawless blog Sybaritic Monkey, I was led to a feature on Ann Demeulemeester in Nomenus Quarterly Magazine. Below is the actual introduction to this stunning photo-bio-graphical profile on this world famous Belgian Designer's Men's collection between 1996-2009.

"... Ann demeuslemeester, one of Belgium's greatest
contemporary fashion desighners, is celebrated here in our extended photographic survey of her Man's archives from 1996 to 2009. We have created a 30 plus page book within this issue of Nomenus Quarterly, composed of film stills from our extensive adaptation of William Golding's book Lord of the Flies. Additionally drawing inspiration from the latest work of Italian photographer Mario Giocomelli, and his young priests at play, these photographs begin to create a fictitious narrative about youth and the desire to return to a romantic and infant state, where we're no longer alone in this world ..."

All photographs by Erik Madigan Heck

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