Arne Quinze

Stilt Houses

"Dream Saver": this design is a 12-meter long tunnel
lined with hanging chains of Swarovski crystals.

by Jan Kriekels and Arne Quinze at the 2006 Burning Man Festival

Cityscape, Brussels

" I love chaos
I'd love to freeze one of these sublime moments
when the logic of chaos, the only thing that is real,
reveals its incomparable beauty and harmony. "

- Arne Quinze (The Uchranians)

Arne Quinze's talent lies in his ability to fuse polar extremes -
passion and chaos with controlled elegance. He creates immaculate, urbane and polished works that are balanced with a certain contradicting tension, giving them a refined yet exuberant appearance. He realizes his ideas with verve and is able to generate crossovers between art and architecture as if it's child's play.

His headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium, are located in a complex of 10,000 square meters. A unique creative platform where Quinze has surrounded himself with architects, urban developers, product and graphic designers, video artists, copywriters and sculptors. The Art Studio in Miami is another volcano for his creative artistic outbursts. Every new creative breed captures his research and study on interaction, urbanity movement, speed and light in present-day society. Quinze scans a city in a blink of an eye and divulges the ongoing rhythm running through multifarious buildings and settlements expressing the continuously evolving of human beings and their surroundings. Man cannot survive alone, we find refuge in one another. Neglecting our human needs we live in an era where social interaction has been well-nigh diminished to nonexistent.

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