Cushionized Sofa

Lazy (sun)days, don’t we all like them? Preparing for one is quite easy as they only demand a few ingredients. A good movie, finger food and a whole bunch of pillows. If you want to bring this recipe to a higher level, then the I Love Belgium team found the perfect solution. The Brussels based designers Linda Topic and Christiane Hoegner created pieces that will bring you to that highest level of laziness!

Christiane Hoegner’s cushionized sofa uses the smallest element of the sofa as main component. When it’s usually used to adjust and customize your personal comfort/laziness level, it is now multiplies and piled up to the shape of the sofa. Dealing with our everyday life and the search for the lo-fi sensations in the necessity of a high-tech world. A piece well succeeded! Maybe you’ll want to add a loose pillow to cover your eyes (Scary movies, you know).

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