The Vase re-imagined!


The exaggerated over-abundance of Valentines love may be gone, you still have the physical proof standing on your table. Whether you received flowers from your lifelong partner or that desperate “I won’t be alone on this day” one night stand! A reason for the I Love Belgium team to make a selection of vases, going from plastic to crystal, stressing the beauty for love and flower.

*Let’s start with the classic bouquet. Instead of jamming the flower stalks in a narrow vase opening, designer St├ęphane Rouffart created his Brero vase. Its power lays within its simplicity. The central point of the vase is bloqued amongst the stems allowing only the water tank to be seen. An a-typical vase design which perfectly adapts itself to all sorts of medium size bouquets. For those romantic souls who can’t have enough, you even have a lush red version for those red roses.

**But maybe your guy/gal isn’t the type who’ll buy you a bunch of red roses, instead he/she’ll carefully picks out that one perfect blossoming flower. Almost a hidden sign of love, just like the hidden vase by .MGX. A complex sculptural design made possible through Rapid Manufacturing. If you look carefully you can just about see the actual vessel; hidden deep within an orderly disorder of vein-like structures. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that here’s the model of a human artery feeding the living organism placed inside it. Or how love can be translated in so many ways.

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